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Atthasit Limskul

Vice President and Director of Business

Art founded SinghAus in 2008 in order to provide a Melbourne-based company that specialises in South-East Asian Beers. As the official distributor of Singha Beer, the No. 1 Thai beer brand, Art is proud to be the main representative and the ‘face’ of Singha in Australia. Under his guidance, major beverage brands such as ‘Beerlao’, from Laos, ‘Angkor beer’ from Cambodia, ‘Huda Beer’ brewed by Carlsberg from Central Vietnam, ‘333’ from Vietnam and ‘Lucky Beer’ from China are all well known throughout the country.

Art’s company has expanded into major Australian and New Zealand wines such as ‘Handpicked’, ‘Hills’, ‘Richland’ and ‘Whale Tales’ with a carefully selected quality range to suit to a diverse range of customer food styles and to enhance food flavours.

With over 400 restaurants and with a
strong background from one of the largest Thai food distributor, Tangola, Art understands the needs of the Australian-Asian businesses. Art is also fluent in Thai and English and has lived in Melbourne for over 20 years.

Art is using his role at Singha Beer and SinghaAus to support retail and hospitality businesses that have been hit the hardest because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen CBD outlets in the City of Melbourne (where the largest Victorian-Thai population is) hit the hardest.

Atthasit Limskul: TeamMember
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