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Lucie Morris-Marr


Lucie Morris-Marr Media

Lucie is a Walkley award-winning freelance investigative journalist, author and media consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

With a love for compassionate, hard-hitting story-telling Lucie has extensive wide-ranging international media experience in two hemispheres. Lucie has been a staff reporter for the Press Association and Daily Mail in London, Associate Editor of Marie Claire, Australia and a Senior Writer at News Corp.

Privileged to have been working in the front row of history for over 20 years, Lucie has reported on the death of Princess Diana in London and Paris, travelled to New York for 9/11 and reported on the Catholic child abuse scandal in Australia.

Most notably, Lucie was the first journalist in the world to reveal to the public and the Catholic community world-wide that there was a secret police investigation into the third most powerful figure in the Vatican – Cardinal George Pell – regarding allegations of historic sexual abuse. She subsequently covered his legal case as a reporter for The New Daily and CNN.

Lucie’s book on the case, Fallen – The inside story of the secret trial and conviction of Cardinal George Pell, won the 2020 Walkley Book Award.

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