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Thai Australian Chamber Mission Statement

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The President, CEO and Executive Board of Directors (Executive Board) of the Thai Australian Chamber (TAC),

Herewith avow to adhere to the Mission Statement of TAC which:

Recognises and facilitates the development of professional activities that celebrate, highlight and promote TAC ideals and appreciates the Thai and Australian cultures through community, mentorship, friendship, and the exchange of ideas;

Respects any legal and government systems of the Asiatic and Australasian countries and accepts all global leaders in harmony with commercial, social and community benefits and stability;

Facilitates and enhances trade and commercial investment flows between Thai and Australian markets and businesses;

Recognises the significant opportunities for Thai and Australian individuals, communities and businesses to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources to address emerging issues, and ensure that competition, collaboration, and innovation excel to the mutual benefit of both nations;

Promotes and supports the significant economic growth opportunities offered by the Thai-Australian relationship through the potential to improve outcomes for individuals, communities and businesses;

Appreciates that close collaborations between the Thai and Australian commercial sectors will enable informed and proactive policy actions by governments, regulators and industries, and better position Thai and Australian businesses for the challenges of entering foreign markets;

Acknowledges that TAC are the trusted facilitators of law, policy, government, social and community ideals in adherence with the ideologies of Thailand and Australia;

Forthwith the President, CEO and Executive Board of Directors enlist the following understandings:


To strengthen cooperation between Thailand and Australia, building on the existing historical ties between the legal and governing systems, economies, policies, and future growth, the Executive Board has decided to establish an association named the Thai Australian Chamber (TAC).

TAC will:

a) Provide information, data, news and resources for members on issues affecting the Thai and Australian industries and communities;

b) Provide a forum for Thai and Australian individuals, communities and businesses to network and collaborate;

c) Establish links between Thai and Australian individuals, tourists, students, communities, governments, charities, associations, businesses, enterprises, professionals and law makers in furtherance of advancing diversity, inclusion, governance, policy and jurisprudence for the public benefit;

d) Facilitate social reforms in areas of interest to the Thai and Australian communities to enhance positive bilateral relations with mutually beneficial outcomes;

e) Assist those in need in the TAC community with finding solutions to legal, commercial, social, community and government problems;

f) Provide conferences, seminars, events, delegations and meetings on issues relevant to TAC members;

g) Create a repository of print, audio, video, and electronic materials relevant to TAC members;

h) Publish posts, information, paperwork, multimedia and electronic materials overing TAC’s events and activities and issues of practical, communal and academic topics of interest to TAC members within the scope of TAC’s purpose;

i) Develop plans for Thai students to study in Australia and vice-versa;

j) Support, assist and promote bilateral relations through service, mentoring, donations, funding and non-profit acquisitions to further TAC’s purpose;

k) Establish TAC as the leading body for all business relations and Thai nationals, students, visitors and friends of Thailand living in Australia with a primary interest in strengthening the Thai-Australian community overall.


TAC sets out the framework for its goals, covering the aforementioned inter-related pillars.

The Executive Board maximum:

1) President: Tessa Sullivan;

2) CEO: Siwit ‘Jack’ Techathawiekul;

3) Director of Global Trade: Richard Lovell (“CP Foods”);

4) Director of Business: Atthasit ‘Art’ Limskul (“Singha”)


Business to business; Business to regulator; Business to government; Trade and investment;

Education to school, course or university; Law to business and governance; Social to community; Domestic to international; Association to association; Association to charity; International to domestic; Government to government, and all bilateral relations.

Rules of Association

All rules of association are relayed in The Constitution which may be reviewed regularly to ensure its impact and efficiency of TAC’s purpose.

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